img_6295S O U N D S   L I K E :

March: Lost at Last Vol. 1 by Langhorne Slim

April: Blackout by Steffany Gretzinger

May: Earthtones by Bahamas

S M E L L S   L I K E (diffusing oils):

Spring Calm blend: lavender, rosemary

Spring Clean blend: lemon, lime, melaleuca, cilantro

T A S T E S   L I K E :

Sunday Chicken, Monday Soup, Spiced Coconut Granola, Nutty Bars, Burmese Prawns +Kraut, Irish Bread Pudding, Simple Chicken Salad, Spring Market Vegetables with Ponzu Ginger Vinaigrette

D A I L Y   R H Y T H M :

Nourish- breakfast, coffee

Clean Up- boys cleaned up and dressed, breakfast clean up

Focus- Isaiah crawl play, Ezra starts school

Rest- Isaiah nap time, Ezra outside play, prayer/study time

Nourish- lunch

Focus- Ezra completes school day

Clean up- lunch clean up, put away school materials, Ezra chores

Get moving-  run errands, take a walk/exercise with sweat app or yoga, Isaiah crawl time

Refresh- Isaiah’s second nap, homekeeping rhythm, shower

Nourish- dinner

Clean up- boys bath, dinner clean up

Reflect- family time

Rest- boys bedtime, podcast/books/blog (movies on weekends), sleep