Homekeeping Rhythm

img_3385This is the basic outline of my daily and weekly household tasks. It helps me immensely to have it organized and clearly stated. I get easily overwhelmed and stew in anxiety if I’m trying to “do it all” every day. This allows me to break it down in a manageable way.


D A I L Y   T A S K S:

-tidy (put everything in it’s place)

-do one load of laundry

-do the dishes

-clear/wipe the counters

-clean any messy floors and toilets


W E E K L Y   P L A N:

M O N D A Y (catch up day)-


-clean bathrooms

-clean floors

-any monthly task like cleaning baseboards, scrubbing refrigerator, etc.

T U E S D A Y (organization day)-

-take inventory of the pantry, fridge, and freezer (purge anything outdated)

-pick two areas (drawers/closets/desks/boxes/baskets) to sort and organize

-add 2-3 items to the donate box

-sort mail, file papers

W E D N E S D A Y (laundry day)-

-wash bed linens and towels

-wash pet linens and throws/pillow covers

-treat stained clothing

-fold and put away and lingering baskets of clean laundry

T H U R S D A Y (outdoor and pet care)-

tend garden (harvest, sow new seeds, weed, water, fertilize, etc)

-water indoor plants

-pick up outdoor toys/mess

-bathe dogs, clean litter box

F R I D A Y (admin/errand day)-

-stock fridge/pantry

-handle paperwork in the office

-plan meals for the next week

-run errands

W E E K E N D:

REST (play on Saturday, keep Sunday as a Sabbath)

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