Sunday Chicken

This is the simple chicken and vegetable roast that Damon makes on Sunday evening. We play with the seasoning and vegetables a bit, according to what we have on hand. But the method remains the same and provides consistent results. If you have ever found yourself with dry, bland chicken… this is for you:


pasture raised, whole chicken

1/4 stick of butter

a few sprigs fresh rosemary

1 whole lemon

1 tablespoon of your favorite seasoning blend; a quality lemon pepper or herbes de provence blend works well.

6 cloves of garlic

carrot, celery, potatoes (all medium diced), and pearl onions (or any vegetable medley you like!)


Preheat oven to 425. Place chicken in roasting pan, cast iron skillet, or casserole pan lined with parchment. Squeeze lemon over the chicken. Smash garlic cloves and rub them over the chicken. Stuff chicken with the lemon, smashed garlic, and rosemary. Rub entire chicken with the butter and then coat with seasoning. Surround the chicken with vegetables of choice. Cook until internal temperature is 160 (around an hour for a 3-4lb chicken).

We do not use salt on this so the entire meal is appropriate for baby led weaning (see my post on baby led weaning ideas for more on that). We typically serve the chicken and vegetables with baguette for the rest of us. Following the “love it/like it/learning it” food model (taken from ; a pediatric nutritionist’s site that I follow- check it out!) for our six year old, the meal works like this:

Loves it: baguette with butter

Likes it: chicken

Learning it: mixed roasted vegetables

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