The sounds, smells, and tastes of this season. As well as, the rhythm of our days. We strive to weave hard work, rest, reflection, nourishment (for body and soul), and quality connection into every day. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. But every new day is a chance to give it our all. We aren’t legalistically tied to this daily structure. But it’s a guideline that most of our days naturally follow (hence the term ‘rhythm’ rather than ‘schedule’). The sounds are all suggested artists or movie soundtracks that blend with this season well. The smells are suggested essential oil blends (you can choose to diffuse or create a linen spray). Beyond evoking this season, they all have immune boosting elements. The tastes are suggested recipes to usher in all the comfort food vibes. I will continue to update that category as we move through the month ahead. But there are already eight recipes to get you started!

Sounds like:

Anything by: Edith Piaf, Muddy Waters, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, The Wood Brothers, Leon Bridges, Shakey Graves, Etta James, The Avett Brothers, James Taylor, Lauren Daigle (new album, “Look Up Child”)

The movie soundtracks we listen to in this season: You’ve Got Mail, Bottle Rocket, When Harry Met Sally, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving

Smells like:

Fall is in the Air Blend: cinnamon, clove, lemon

Cool Autumn Nights Blend: Siberian fir, lavender, copaiba

Cozy Vibes Blend: clove, cinnamon, rosemary, orange

Tastes like:

Mama’s Loaded Potato Soup , Mushroom Alfredo , Chicken Apple Risotto , Sunday Chicken , Bison Chili , Potlikker Ramen ,  Monday Soup , Thunderbird Bars , Pumpkin Patch Pancakes , Liquid Gold

Daily Rhythm: 

Walk the dogs, fix the boys’ breakfast, put water on to boil (for coffee)

Make beds, brew coffee, fix my breakfast, unload dishwasher

Coffee and quiet time for me, morning cartoons/play for boys, 15 minute no flow yoga

Morning devotional with Ez and start school

Walk dogs with the boys, lunchtime

Ezra does chores, Isaiah goes down for his nap

Homekeeping Rhythm time (Ezra gets screen time)

Free play for the boys, me time (blog, read, tea, catch up on email/media), 15 minute Sweatdeck workout

Snack time, walk the dogs, get out of the house (park/playground, book store, etc)

Prep dinner, finish up household tasks, boys have quiet play/read/movie

Light candles, turn on music, freshen up

Cook, dinner time, family time

Walk dogs, bathe boys, reset kitchen for the morning

Isaiah goes to bed, Ezra gets a little extra time with us, 15 minute restorative yoga

Ezra’s bedtime routine and story time (I read one chapter to him), shower

Damon and I’s quality time

Final dog walk, get ready for bed