A Book List To Get You Through Winter

Suggested reading for the months that lay ahead... No reviews or explanations. Just a simple list of some (admittedly challenging) books to get your wheels turning and heart seeking while you're curled up under a warm blanket with a steaming cuppa. It's my own personal reading list that I am embarking on at this time. [...]


"All the convex, the curve, the roll, the softness... that all came after I shattered. Leaving behind everything that tied me down. Letting myself crack into pieces. Crying until every drop of the pain they placed in me had leaked out. On my knees crying out, ‘I need to start over! I don’t know who [...]

Only Connect

“Only connect.”- E.M. Forster. I heard Shauna Niequist speaking about that quote recently. She pointed out that it was helpful to her as she had a tendency to want to hide or be private. Especially when she is hurting or afraid. And I can relate to that. But she also spoke of the many other [...]

Spring Book Lists

For last season's book picks see Winter Book Lists Mom + Dad: Be the Gift, by Ann Voskamp; Lent Study, by She Reads Truth; Exodus, the Holy Bible; Molly's Game, by Molly Bloom; The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown; Americana: Dispatches from the New Frontier, by Hampton Sides; Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk, by Kathleen Rooney; Cook + Cork, by Chris Horn and Harry Mills; Why Suffering? Finding Meaning and Comfort [...]

Any Given Thursday

"What's more disgusting: off-brand baby food or a pile of dog poop?", he says without even looking up from his science project. "Um, well I'm going to go with dog poop. But there is certainly some gross baby food out there...", I reply. I laugh and cut his sandwich into fourths. Today, when coffee went [...]

My Adult Life

He describes it in perfect detail. From the fireproof walls to the color of the front door. The bathroom floors are penny tiles. On the dining room wall hangs a fruit bowl still life painted by his own hand. He can tell you the floor plan precisely. His eyes have memorized a scene they’ve only seen in [...]

Winter Book Lists

When I asked family, friends, and strangers a few poll questions about what they would like to see included on this blog, one of the most popular ideas was "book suggestions". So I have organized our reads for this season into two very simple categories ("Mom + Dad"  and "Kids"). Our little one is a [...]