Only Connect

img_7551“Only connect.”- E.M. Forster.

I heard Shauna Niequist speaking about that quote recently. She pointed out that it was helpful to her as she had a tendency to want to hide or be private. Especially when she is hurting or afraid. And I can relate to that.

But she also spoke of the many other reminders it provides; “Only connect. Don’t conform. Don’t impress. Don’t compete. Only connect.”

Jessi Green of Salt Churches said something recently about social media that I really loved. She said that, like money, it is neither inherently good or bad. What is important is our focus on it and what we do with it. It is only a tool. And it can be a very, very valuable one. One with even a kingdom impact.

I feel this is such an important thing to grasp. It’s a tool.

And it can be our voice in the world.

There is nothing wrong with finding the good light and taking a pretty picture. And I think it’s about time we stop blaming a photo, or the one who took it, or the platform they posted it on for the condition of our hearts.

After all, comparison and coveting have been around… well, forever. There’s a reason that made it on to the Ten Commandment list. It’s not social media’s fault. Though it’s become trendy to place the blame there instead of owning our own human condition.

We label anyone showing beauty as fake. And somehow have equated the dim or messy with being real. What a sad way to look at the world. Is it not possible that life is all of these things woven together? And that sharing the light just might be useful?

May we all remember:

It’s a tool.

Only connect.