Second Grade Curriculum + Rhythm

Our weekly rhythm is organized to focus our time and energy on one area of study a day. This allows us to dive in, supplement curriculum, answer any questions that arise, etc. without rushing or feeling pressure to move to another task. We do not get buried under a heavy workload of busy work. We simply immerse ourselves in the subject at hand and when we’re done with it, the day is complete. It is a surprisingly efficient and freeing way of schooling. Below are the curriculum materials that we are using. If you’re looking for curriculum ideas for kindergarten or first grade, you can find that here.

Monday: Science

Kiwi Crate; STEAM based subscription box that contains everything we need for hands-on projects, light reading explaining the concepts, and additional projects to supplement as we wish. ($20 a month)

Tuesday: Handwriting

Mindset Moments Handwriting Practice, Grades 2-3; I aim for quick and straightfoward when it comes to subjects that do not excite Ezra (why should learning be punishment?). So to further develop his handwriting in a simple, effective way; I went with this very basic handwriting practice book. It will allow him a sense of accomplishment without all the angst of copying classical texts. I do not plan to introduce cursive until next year. So I selected a manuscript text. ($9)

Wednesday: Geography

DK Workbook Geography, Grade 2; This will be our first year covering geography, so we are starting with the basics. Ezra is very excited to learn this subject. I imagine that plenty of opportunities for creatively supplementing it will naturally arise as we go along. ($5)

Thursday: History

“Who Was..”; Ezra has developed a love for history this year. In particular, he is very interested in historical characters, what they accomplished, and when they lived. So throughout the year we will be reading these biographies (grade level appropriate) and charting the lives and events mentioned on a giant timeline (a roll of easel paper).  I’m not sure how quickly we will move through the books (one a month? two a month?). But we have a stash of over a dozen of the books from which to choose. It’s simple, tactile, and one of the things that we are both the most excited about this year. ($6 a book, $10 for a roll of easel paper)

Friday: Math

Life of Fred; This is the innovative, story based math curriculum I wish had been around when I was a child. I am a lifelong, self-proclaimed math hater. Ezra does not yet hate it, but definitely quickly grows weary of the endless drill sheets typical of most math curriculums. This curriculum explains math concepts through chapters of story analogies and offers just a few work problems at the end of each chapter to insure the material has been understood. As it should be. I never thought I would say that math was something I was excited about… But this book has me excited to see him discover math in an entirely new way. ($15)