Lead With Love

I took this picture this morning. Both of these boys had been put to sleep in their own beds. And both had found their way into ours during the wee hours. I am a firm believer in discipline, boundaries, routines, and structure. We, as human beings, need it. We actually crave it. Kids especially will [...]

Second Grade Curriculum + Rhythm

Our weekly rhythm is organized to focus our time and energy on one area of study a day. This allows us to dive in, supplement curriculum, answer any questions that arise, etc. without rushing or feeling pressure to move to another task. We do not get buried under a heavy workload of busy work. We [...]

Hold Your Baby

Hold Your Baby

One day, you’ll be able to eat in peace. You’ll sit down and no one will dig their chubby fingers into your eggs or spill your coffee. One day, you’ll take an unhurried shower. You’ll dry your hair and paint your lips. One day, you’ll clean your house and it will stay spotless for at [...]

Kiwi Crate

This STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) learning box subscription has been such a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. But even if you don't homeschool, I believe you will find these activities fun and enriching for your kids. There are boxes available for different age groups; 24-36 months (Cricket), 3-4 years (Koala), 5-8 [...]

Chore Sticks

These ever-so-simple, work-inducing, glorified popsicle sticks are easily one of the best purchases I've made as a parent. There I said it. Now, I realize that you could easily and quite cheaply make these on your own. But I will say, they managed to think of some chores that I'm not sure I would have. [...]

My Adult Life

He describes it in perfect detail. From the fireproof walls to the color of the front door. The bathroom floors are penny tiles. On the dining room wall hangs a fruit bowl still life painted by his own hand. He can tell you the floor plan precisely. His eyes have memorized a scene they’ve only seen in [...]


This body of mine bears scars. . Scars from mishaps. Scars from pain stitched up while tears fell. Scars from the life it's carried and brought into this world. . This body of mine is constantly changing. It is a map of where life has led it. It is a mirror reflecting it's challenges and [...]