Kiwi Crate

This STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) learning box subscription has been such a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. But even if you don’t homeschool, I believe you will find these activities fun and enriching for your kids.

There are boxes available for different age groups; 24-36 months (Cricket), 3-4 years (Koala), 5-8 years (Kiwi), and 9-16 years (Tinker and Doodle).

We currently use the Kiwi subscription.

Each box comes with a series of experiments, crafts, reading material, games, and ideas for further learning all related to whatever the theme of that month’s box is.

We pay only $20 a month for all of that! If you choose to pay all at once for your subscription, you receive a discount. I believe it to be well worth the price. It’s thorough, professional, age-appropriate, and FUN! It’s also less than half the cost of a previous kid’s subscription we used!

Here are some shots of a few of the past boxes we have had: