A Nearly Invisible Battle

Years ago, in the midst of a dark chapter, when I was stuck in bed and stuck in life… stuck in the decisions I had made… stuck in the pain I was feeling…

I watched hours and hours of “No Reservations”. Episode after episode…I would even leave it playing through the night so the room wouldn’t be dark and silent. I would imagine how the air felt in a place far away. I would dream of tasting the food. It was an escape. It didn’t feel lofty. It wasn’t a 5 star, tablecloth only escape. It was an approachable, relatable, and attainable escape. It was an experience to which I could say, “I won’t always be stuck here. One day this will all be over… life will go on. I could even be there eating that.”

It reminded me that there was a very big world outside of my own little broken bubble.

He was certainly irreverent. I think one of the reasons that we are left reeling this morning is because his lack of pretense made us all feel like we really knew him.

Of course, most of us didn’t. We couldn’t have known how badly his soul ached. Perhaps even those closest to him couldn’t have guessed.

Who in your own life could be in a battle between life and death? I feel a heaviness thinking of souls that lay in the balance. In a place of reflection and mourning for a person I didn’t know… I feel a tug in my chest for those that I do know. Especially the ones fighting a nearly invisible battle.

I think today we are reminded to set aside the rush of life and reach out a hand. There is so much, beyond the reaches of this world, at stake.

Thanks for taking us along on your many journeys, Anthony. This week my eldest son watched you trek through a country he previously didn’t know existed. At the end of the episode he said, “Wow! I want to go there!”. So thank you for not only showing us your snippets of the world, but for inspiring us to go see it for ourselves. Today, in the wake of your passing, I feel a surge of urgency. An urgency to not leave anyone in my life, who may be on the fringes, forgotten.