Miso-Butter Rattlesnake Beans

It isn’t often that a side dish pulls me through a restaurant door (though plenty of entrees, desserts, and cocktails have). But years ago I was so infatuated with a certain restaurant’s miso green beans that I would duck in alone on my way to or from work for a “snack”. Had I known then how incredibly easy they are to make I would have saved myself some money. The buttery-umami combines with the fresh snap of barely cooked beans here to make something truly addictive.


2 cups of pole beans, whole; I use rattlesnake because that is what I’m currently growing, but any fresh (not frozen or canned) green bean will work just fine.

2 tablespoons butter or ghee

2 teaspoons organic traditional red miso; this brand is great!

a few mild heat peppers (optional); I used purple cayenne. Shishito would also work well.


Add the butter to a skillet on medium heat. Once melted, add the miso and stir continuously to blend. Add the beans and peppers. Cook until the beans are bright, just turning tender, and starting to blister. Serve right away for ultimate effect.