Enough Sunshine For Us All

“The world has enough women who live a masked insecurity. It needs more women who live a brave vulnerability.”- Voskamp

Vulnerability is hard. It’s literally defined as the state of being open to attack. I feel it whenever I lay my life and heart open to other’s eyes- even in these little squares.

You know that quote about how a flower doesn’t compete with the flowers next to it; it just blooms? Well, this Swiss Chard here was the tallest of it’s kind. Even as the other seedlings around it struggled. But they weren’t competing for soil or sunshine. They all had enough water. In fact, the taller this one grew the more the others began to thrive.

It’s large leaves shielded their more tender leaves from the full afternoon sun. They slowly grew stronger under the shade of the one standing tall. Now they too are bright and bold. Their leaves expand to catch sunshine and every day their roots deepen. The success of this one didn’t dim them. They didn’t have to plot or scheme to get their fair share. They didn’t gossip about it’s height and strength. They grew right alongside; made stronger by this one forging the way.

Are you bold? Brave? Vulnerable even? Are you growing? Are you helping anyone around you grow?

The world needs you. But unlike tender green shoots in the soil; they won’t always be content to grow alongside. When you lay yourself bare; some will throw stones. Some will whisper behind your back. Some will feel threatened. Some will try to compete. Some will build arrows from their own insecurities and pain. Then they’ll launch them right at you.

But you were meant to open wide and let the light in… you were made to stand tall in a unique purpose. You weren’t made to wilt in shame. Your leaves shouldn’t drop when gossip hisses your name. Your purpose isn’t found in insecurity. Your purpose isn’t found in competition. Your purpose is found in brave vulnerability. It’s found in reflecting the brightest glory; with your face turned to the sky and your arms held out. It’s found in serving others with the gifts you’ve been given.

Stand tall in brave vulnerability. Fragile hearts need your boldness.

There’s enough sunshine for us all.