Week 1 The first week of the year. The first week of a few household changes. And our rhythm has shifted. So I feel the need to summarize it as best as I can. We went through the week with less technology and more books. We worked through spelling words and math equations. We told [...]

New Year Recalibration

I don’t go for New Years Resolutions. I just can’t get behind something so thread thin. Trite promises easily broken; I feel as if we don’t commit our whole selves because we anticipate the breaking. So what’s the point? I choose to think of recalibration rather than resolutions. The start of a new year is [...]

A Full Heart Breaking

“What if the water touches you, Mama? What if you get wet?” He stands cautiously to my right, where seaweed has been tossed and left behind. “Sometimes you have to get close to get the good stuff.” I stand up brushing sand off of my knees. Staring out at a mass of churning grey against [...]

‘Tis the season

Christmas songs are floating around the room. I keep realigning my thoughts. Focus. Look at the joy. Jingle bells and twinkling lights. Cast your cares. I hang the stockings. Feel this. Let go of the rest of the world. Little Drummer Boy begins. My mind feels like it’s being torn in ten directions. . I [...]


“Some day these will be the good ol’ days.”, someone says. . These are the good ol’ days. Now. Right now. They are good now. . But I forget. . Tires spinning in mud. I’m spinning another bedtime story. Quietly, rubbing my eyes, I creep out of the room. . Now where was I? Folding. [...]


This body of mine bears scars. . Scars from mishaps. Scars from pain stitched up while tears fell. Scars from the life it's carried and brought into this world. . This body of mine is constantly changing. It is a map of where life has led it. It is a mirror reflecting it's challenges and [...]