Lead With Love

I took this picture this morning. Both of these boys had been put to sleep in their own beds. And both had found their way into ours during the wee hours. I am a firm believer in discipline, boundaries, routines, and structure. We, as human beings, need it. We actually crave it. Kids especially will [...]

No Crying in Baseball

Minutes before we were to walk out the door, my brother arrived with my grandfather's garden shears in his hands. "We figured you probably already had some nice ones, but thought you might also like these. Because, well...they were his, ya know?" Made to last. They're notably heavier than the shiny new. But they weigh [...]

Pay attention

“Instructions for living a life: pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.” No life is perfect. Hard things and hard hearts are too easily found. I once was a child dreaming of adulthood and all of the freedom I imagined it to be. I’ve heard “They don’t tell you how hard it will be.”; but [...]

A Whole New Land

Of all the soil that my feet have landed upon and of all the air I’ve breathed... Whether across the Atlantic or the Pacific, over or under, amongst mountain and wood, brick and neon, or sand and sea... I often feel the journey that has most ignited my mind and unleashed my heart has happened [...]

A Full Heart Breaking

“What if the water touches you, Mama? What if you get wet?” He stands cautiously to my right, where seaweed has been tossed and left behind. “Sometimes you have to get close to get the good stuff.” I stand up brushing sand off of my knees. Staring out at a mass of churning grey against [...]


This body of mine bears scars. . Scars from mishaps. Scars from pain stitched up while tears fell. Scars from the life it's carried and brought into this world. . This body of mine is constantly changing. It is a map of where life has led it. It is a mirror reflecting it's challenges and [...]