S O U N D S   L I K E : March: Lost at Last Vol. 1 by Langhorne Slim April: Blackout by Steffany Gretzinger May: Earthtones by Bahamas S M E L L S   L I K E (diffusing oils): Spring Calm blend: lavender, rosemary Spring Clean blend: lemon, lime, melaleuca, cilantro T A S T E [...]

Ponzu Ginger Vinaigrette

Ingredients: olive oil rice vinegar sea salt garlic powder black pepper fresh ginger dry mustard organic ponzu Method: The ratio for this dressing is two parts oil to one part vinegar. Then you use the same amount of ponzu and fresh ginger purée as you did vinegar. In other words, if you used two tablespoons [...]

Monday Soup

The follow up to Sunday Chicken; as it's a good way to use the remaining bones and bits. Though I came up with this soup on a Sunday and used a pound of chicken heads from a local farmer instead. So ya know... "Bone broth" has become a trendy term, but people have been making [...]

Spiced Coconut Granola

This does not involve measuring so if you're a "fly by the seat of your pants" person you're going to love it. If you're precision person... I'm sorry. Here's what you'll need: Cookie sheet Parchment Rolled Oats Shredded coconut Sweetener of choice (recommend local honey, real maple syrup, or coconut sugar) Ceylon cinnamon (MUST be [...]

Potlikker Ramen

This is a delicious (and extra nutritious) way to enjoy Potlikker (if you are not sure what that is or how to make it, you can find instructions under Liquid Gold). Main Ingredients: Jar of Potlikker (per serving of noodles) Ramen noodles (I like a millet/brown rice blend ramen noodle) Shichimi Togarashi (to taste; I [...]

Liquid Gold

Potlikker- the nutrition packed old school broth of the South- has been around far, far longer than I or recent broth trends have. And I'm sure there are many methods for creating it. But here are my simple instructions for a soul warming potlikker that'll cure what ails ya (or at least make you smile). [...]

Oh My Darling, Clementine Salad

This salad utilizes a lot of winter and early spring ingredients. So it's a good fit for this time of year. I paired it with a homemade tahini dressing (instructions below) but you could toss on any favorite of your own. Ingredients: Plants- Greens (Lollo Rosa lettuce from our garden) Clementines Parsley Scallions Radish (I [...]