Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle

The smell of Gain and dryer sheets is so thick I can feel it in my pores. A fan spins in rhythm with the massive dryers. l think of all the places I’ve watched my clothes spin. There was the laundry room in my dormitory building where I alternated between studying textbooks and the pages [...]

The seed provided.

Something sprouted up in my tiny garden that I didn’t recognize. It didn’t look like any of the plants growing around it. I couldn’t identify it by it's immature leaves. I hadn’t planted in that particular spot so I was confused. It grew a little more and seemed like it was starting to vine. Then [...]


“I tried to be a hero for a day, but all my superpowers failed to save. So I turned in my ego and my cape. I was made to fly, but not this way. It all starts with breathing You in; breathing You in deeply. I’ve been drowning under my skin. No one but You [...]

Not even for a moment.

“I don’t want you to feel alone.”, he says. And a contradiction spins between my ears and barely skips past my tongue, “But I am...and I’m not. I’m alone and never alone. They are always with me. But I also feel alone in this.” Through the day they are right by my side or held [...]


Week 1 The first week of the year. The first week of a few household changes. And our rhythm has shifted. So I feel the need to summarize it as best as I can. We went through the week with less technology and more books. We worked through spelling words and math equations. We told [...]

New Year Recalibration

I don’t go for New Years Resolutions. I just can’t get behind something so thread thin. Trite promises easily broken; I feel as if we don’t commit our whole selves because we anticipate the breaking. So what’s the point? I choose to think of recalibration rather than resolutions. The start of a new year is [...]

Pay attention

“Instructions for living a life: pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.” No life is perfect. Hard things and hard hearts are too easily found. I once was a child dreaming of adulthood and all of the freedom I imagined it to be. I’ve heard “They don’t tell you how hard it will be.”; but [...]