New Homekeeping Rhythm

New Homekeeping Rhythm

D A I L Y  T A S K S: +load of dishes (load dishwasher throughout the day, run it after dinner and do handwashing/leave to soak if needed) +tidy (put everything in it's place) +clean any messy floors and toilets (sweeping, spot cleaning, etc) +one load of laundry (unless machine isn't yet full, then [...]

Fizzwizz Cleaning Tablets

Whether you breastfeed (and pump) or formula feed, you have a set of baby bottles to keep clean. And while a bottle brush and warm soapy water, dishwashers, and home sanitizing all have their place... Being able to sufficiently wash a bottle on-the-go is important too! These tablets have made that task much easier for [...]

Homekeeping Rhythm

This is the basic outline of my daily and weekly household tasks. It helps me immensely to have it organized and clearly stated. I get easily overwhelmed and stew in anxiety if I'm trying to "do it all" every day. This allows me to break it down in a manageable way.   D A I [...]