12 Days of Christmas Albums

If you're looking to mix up your Christmas music repertoire; here's a little inspiration for you! From old to new, jazz to indie, and a few wildcard entries... this simplified list will hopefully hold a little something for (almost) everyone. "A Johnnyswim Christmas"; Johnnyswim "A Legendary Christmas"; John Legend "Behold, A Christmas Collection (Deluxe)"; Lauren [...]

Something for the Grown Ups

Okay, so you've checked out the Big Gift Guide for Little Ones and have figured out exactly what all the kids in your life are getting... Now what are you getting your spouse, best friend, siblings, parents, and that wacky aunt? Fortunately, my family does a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. So that massively simplifies things [...]

Christmas Eve Cookies

A tradition started with Ezra that I intend to carry on for years to come. A simple sugar cookie dough made on Christmas Eve morning. Chilled for the afternoon. Baked and decorated in the evening. We will have a few with hot cocoa, leave several out for the man with the bag, and take the [...]

A Whole New Land

Of all the soil that my feet have landed upon and of all the air I’ve breathed... Whether across the Atlantic or the Pacific, over or under, amongst mountain and wood, brick and neon, or sand and sea... I often feel the journey that has most ignited my mind and unleashed my heart has happened [...]

‘Tis the season

Christmas songs are floating around the room. I keep realigning my thoughts. Focus. Look at the joy. Jingle bells and twinkling lights. Cast your cares. I hang the stockings. Feel this. Let go of the rest of the world. Little Drummer Boy begins. My mind feels like it’s being torn in ten directions. . I [...]