A Whole New Land

Of all the soil that my feet have landed upon and of all the air I’ve breathed... Whether across the Atlantic or the Pacific, over or under, amongst mountain and wood, brick and neon, or sand and sea... I often feel the journey that has most ignited my mind and unleashed my heart has happened [...]

A Full Heart Breaking

“What if the water touches you, Mama? What if you get wet?” He stands cautiously to my right, where seaweed has been tossed and left behind. “Sometimes you have to get close to get the good stuff.” I stand up brushing sand off of my knees. Staring out at a mass of churning grey against [...]


Soak. Rest. Breathe. The water was rushing out, the bubbles were rising. Stepping into the warmth; I tried to remember the last time I had felt this. Nothing came to mind. . I peeled open a book. In the steam, the words seem to rise off the page. I seemed to drift with them. One [...]

Stitched up

I tell a six year old who says things like, “I’m very interested in surgery.” that he’s going to stitch up some organs and then watch his eyes light up. . I explain that he will stitch the pieces together and fill them up. Plush organs we will use for another project. . And I [...]


This body of mine bears scars. . Scars from mishaps. Scars from pain stitched up while tears fell. Scars from the life it's carried and brought into this world. . This body of mine is constantly changing. It is a map of where life has led it. It is a mirror reflecting it's challenges and [...]