New Homekeeping Rhythm

New Homekeeping Rhythm

D A I L Y  T A S K S: +load of dishes (load dishwasher throughout the day, run it after dinner and do handwashing/leave to soak if needed) +tidy (put everything in it's place) +clean any messy floors and toilets (sweeping, spot cleaning, etc) +one load of laundry (unless machine isn't yet full, then [...]


Week 1 The first week of the year. The first week of a few household changes. And our rhythm has shifted. So I feel the need to summarize it as best as I can. We went through the week with less technology and more books. We worked through spelling words and math equations. We told [...]


S O U N D S   L I K E : December: Christmas Collection, Vol. 1 by Sleeping At Last, Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens January: Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On, by Shakey Graves ; This Side of Jordan, by Mandolin Orange February: From the Fires by Greta Van Fleet S [...]

Homekeeping Rhythm

This is the basic outline of my daily and weekly household tasks. It helps me immensely to have it organized and clearly stated. I get easily overwhelmed and stew in anxiety if I'm trying to "do it all" every day. This allows me to break it down in a manageable way.   D A I [...]

My Adult Life

He describes it in perfect detail. From the fireproof walls to the color of the front door. The bathroom floors are penny tiles. On the dining room wall hangs a fruit bowl still life painted by his own hand. He can tell you the floor plan precisely. His eyes have memorized a scene they’ve only seen in [...]

Christmas Eve Cookies

A tradition started with Ezra that I intend to carry on for years to come. A simple sugar cookie dough made on Christmas Eve morning. Chilled for the afternoon. Baked and decorated in the evening. We will have a few with hot cocoa, leave several out for the man with the bag, and take the [...]

Pay attention

“Instructions for living a life: pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.” No life is perfect. Hard things and hard hearts are too easily found. I once was a child dreaming of adulthood and all of the freedom I imagined it to be. I’ve heard “They don’t tell you how hard it will be.”; but [...]