What to Eat This Summer

Seasonal food inspiration for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert... all on one page. My hope is that you'll be able to scroll to a category, close your eyes, and point... Effectively making this a delicious decision maker for when you are melting under the summer sun and just can't muster any meal time creativity. [...]

What We’re Eating (June, Week 2)

A week of meal time inspiration including: a range of vegan and omnivore meals, sweet and savory breakfasts, lots of lunches utilizing leftovers (to avoid food waste and make the day easier), and tips for cross utilizing ingredients. You'll notice there are a few exceptions to our normal plan this week as it's Isaiah's birthday [...]

Why We Let Summer Slow Us Down

We have a tendency to value being “busy” too much, don’t we? Life is not a race. It is not a frenzy. It is not a competition. Yet it is too often treated as such. I believe in consistent moderation throughout the year. I also value the specific rhythms that come with each season. If [...]

What We’re Eating (June, Week 1)

A few things to note before getting started: This is my first time including a shopping list for a meal plan. If it at first glance it seems extensive, remember it contains a lot of staple items you likely already have at home. Which should make things easier! A few other things that I hope [...]


One of the ways that we reuse our waste is through composting. We use a method called Vermicomposting, which simply means that worms are used to break down the waste. This method has several benefits. One advantage is that the waste is broken down faster than it would be if it was left to decompose [...]

Homeschool Curriculum

People have many questions when they hear that we homeschool. But one of the most common, by far, is: What curriculum do you use? The short answer is that I don't buy one bulk curriculum. Rather, I piece together a custom plan. Last year, when he was a kindergartner, we used Montessori by Mom. And [...]


S O U N D S   L I K E : March: Lost at Last Vol. 1 by Langhorne Slim April: Blackout by Steffany Gretzinger May: Earthtones by Bahamas S M E L L S   L I K E (diffusing oils): Spring Calm blend: lavender, rosemary Spring Clean blend: lemon, lime, melaleuca, cilantro T A S T E [...]