Love named me.

By grace and mercy I have been redeemed. By the greatest Love I have been called beloved. And by the love that has held me here, I have been named.

My mother rubbed her belly and sweetly whispered my given name in her heart. She knew I wouldn’t be the only one to hold those five letters; but she also knew they would carry a special tune on my tongue.

My grandmother gave my middle name. Not because it was her own, but because she thought it mighty fine and well suited. She knew how it felt to walk around in an ill fitting name. And so on this she was passionate. It fits, she said. Use it.

My father gave his last name. Tears welled as his hand wrote my name in full for the first time. He stood on years of waiting for that moment.

I fell in love and took the name of the man that I call mine. I placed that former name, my father’s, into a pocket in my heart.

And what about a nickname? Well, my grandfather gave me that. A small derivative of my given name that held big love.

When I started this project, I searched for my given name and it had slipped through my fingers. “What will I call it?”, I whispered under my breath. Emmy. Held dear and heard a thousand times in my grandfather’s voice before he left for Heaven.

And so, instead of my words being held under Emily Goulet, they are held tenderly here.

You can call me Emmy.

I currently live near the sea with my husband, two sons, and a few misfit animals. I paint our story in words and photos. You’ll find writing pieces, both short and long, under Reflections. There are also Recipes to give something for your hands to make and mouth to taste. Rhythms will give you a glimpse at our every day. While Reviews will show you the books and objects that I feel add something worthwhile to our lives. Thank you for following along.

One thought on “About

  1. Emmy, a named considered if the Lord had chosen a girl to join our band of brothers. For you I prayed. A loved daughter, for our son to wife. To have and to hold under the sun until life expands eternal.
    Prayer answered 🙏 I will love to call you, Emmy. Thank you for sharing your painted story in words and photos. Beautiful ❣️


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