Something for the Grown Ups

Okay, so you’ve checked out the Big Gift Guide for Little Ones and have figured out exactly what all the kids in your life are getting…

Now what are you getting your spouse, best friend, siblings, parents, and that wacky aunt?

Fortunately, my family does a “Secret Santa” gift exchange. So that massively simplifies things (I highly recommend it!). But whether you’re buying one gift or twenty, a little inspiration can’t hurt, right?

Below are some ideas to get your wheels turning. I have them organized by category: things to wear, things to read, stocking stuffers, for your health, for an experience, and things for the backyard.


$= under $20

$$= under $50

$$$= under $100

$$$$= $100+

Things to Wear:

If you can -in any way (obvious or covert)- find out someone’s shoe size (I’ve totally been the person sneaking up to the entry way and taking a peek into someone’s loafers), SHOES are one of the safest wearable gifts (higher likelihood they will fit). Here are three shoe brands you should definitely be buying this season:

Allbirds Shoes , $$$-$$$$ ; founded by a Kiwi who recognized the sustainability and wearability of merino wool, they also now make shoes from trees. Yep, trees. As well as, recycled plastic, castor bean oil, and sugar. They are FSC Certified so you know their products meet strict environmentally protective guidelines. They also claim these shoes are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I’m not going to confirm or deny that. But they are definitely worth checking out. Simple, versatile, modern design that isn’t doing unnecessary damage to the planet? Yes, please.

Rothy’s , $$$$ ; Speaking of sustainable materials, these beauties are made from recycled plastic (and yes, they are crazy comfortable). They are also machine washable. Further proof that sustainability doesn’t need to be impractical or uncomfortable. Damon bought me my first pair of these quite awhile ago. They are still going strong and continue to be some of my most frequently worn shoes. The cost will make some of you squirm, but hear me out. I can’t afford to buy these shoes frequently either, but see, you don’t need to buy them frequently. They last forever and are easy to wash. Therefore, worth a little initial investment I think. And it’s worth mentioning that Meghan Markle was recently spotted in them so they blew up in popularity seemingly overnight. The shoes that people used to be baffled by are now making strangers stop me to say, “OMG are those ROTHY’S??”.

Suavs Shoes , $$$-$$$$ ; Suavs sustainability efforts are most prominent in the their production and business model. Utilizing a procedure that cuts down on unused material and even going so far as to donate leftover shoes to Soles4Souls and LifeWorks, they are striving to create responsible fashion. Known for comfort and breathability; their “claim to fame” is creating shoes that wick sweat and can be worn without socks. Amen.

What if you don’t want to give shoes, but don’t want to rely on a gift card either?


I have had a positive experience with Stitch Fix and it would make a great gift. They have three easy ways to gift their services and you really can’t go wrong as the receiver still gets to customize and select their items (but it’s a more creative approach than your average gift card).

If you’re giving to “the person who has everything” or a minimalist keen on keeping a capsule wardrobe, a fantastic option is Rent the Runway. It is all the fun of online shopping, but instead of keeping the items- you “rent” them! You swap out your wardrobe pieces when you’re ready for something new. Less clutter, less waste, and a constantly evolving high quality wardrobe? Genius. The only real downside is that unlike Stitch Fix, RTR is still only available for women’s fashion.

Things to Read, $:

I’m going to save myself some effort here and direct you to this , this , and this .

Stocking Stuffers:

Just Date Syrup , $; Want a sugar substitute that is organic, low glycemic index, and contains magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants? Created by a medical doctor inspired by her Indian roots, this syrup is made entirely of medjool dates and is one sweet product that you can feel good about giving.

Fancy Sprinkles , $; Not every stocking stuffer will be edible, I promise. But it just so happens that plenty of tasty treats are stocking size compatible. And tell me that the baker in your life wouldn’t LOVE these. Their name is delightfully self-explanatory and their goods are not only whimsical; they’re beautiful. Almost too pretty to eat… almost.

Spacemasks , $-$$; One of the most relaxing, therapeutic things you’ve probably never heard of… I found these while I was pregnant and they were one of the “must have” items in my hospital bag for a reason. Self- heating sleep masks that smell faintly of jasmine; they are divine for inducing sleep, soothing tired eyes, and relieving headaches! Each mask is good for a single use. Slip one or two (they are individually packaged) into each stocking!

Vellabox , $-$$; We all know that candles are a reliably solid gift. We love giving them. We love receiving them. What about mixing it up a little this year and gifting a candle subscription? This service starts for as low as $10! And they curate artisan candles from different independent makers each month. So it’s not only great to receive the candles (and free gift they include in every box), but it also introduces you to companies you may not have otherwise found!

A few other stocking sized goodies?

Essential oils, responsibly sourced spices, and clean ingredient, handcrafted skincare.

For Your Health:

Maybe it’s a sign of getting older, but these are at the top of my list. If you want to give someone the gift of insight into their own health, here are some amazing ways to do that:

BIOHM ,$$$-$$$$; Probiotics, probiotics, and other supplements that take into consideration the role of fungi in our microbiome. You know what’s even more awesome? They also sell at-home gut report and candida report kits. Send in a sample and find out exactly how our gut health ranks and what deficiencies you need to treat!

EverlyWell , $$$$; Speaking of at-home health report kits… this company makes them for almost any health concern you could possibly have. I am obsessed and want all of them. From food sensitivities to hormone imbalances, they’ve got you covered.

Baze , $-$$$$; Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all approach to your daily vitamin routine. Baze sends you a simple (and I hear pain-free) blood sample kit and personalizes your vitamins based on the results. $99 gets you the sample kit and a month supply of vitamins! Then it’s only $15 a month after that! And they offer quarterly retesting to make sure that your supplements are updated as needed.

Okay, these aren’t linked gifts but we could all use a little inspiration…

Ideas For Giving an Experience:

Concert tickets, sports event tickets, theatre tickets (the options are many- outdoor theatre, opera, ballet, dinner theatre, etc), guided museum tours, paddle boarding, kayak tour, surf lessons, ski lessons, ballroom dance lessons, brewery tour, wine tasting, cheese tasting, farm tour, factory tour, supper club, book reading/meet the author, hobby events (making ceramics, painting session, craft fair, car show, etc).

Last but certainly not least-

Gifts For the Backyard:

Biolite Firepit , $$$$; These are genius and we are ordering ours this week. A smokeless, portable wood and charcoal fire pit. It uses airflow technology to remove smoke while giving you 360 degree fire views and it comes with a grill grate so you can transform it into a cooking grill.

KUDU Grill , $$$$; Okay, if you want something more involved for the grill expert in your life…this is what you need. It’s a unique, portable, open-fire cooking system that allows you to grill, bake, steam, and fry. It’s not cheap (in fact it’s the priciest item on this list), but it’s unlike any other grill I’ve seen and I imagine it would last a lifetime if well cared for…

Raised Garden Box , $$-$$$; I promise that any gardener/plant lover will love this gift. There are nearly endless styles and sizes (and as such, a variety of prices). But they start under $100 and make garden work so much easier! There are also many options that are patio compatible!