The Only Exercise Apps I use.

I have tried many. But because I prefer the technology in my life to be as minimal and simple as possible, I have pared down to only two, easy-to-use apps. I truly believe that the only reason I consistently use these apps (indeed the only reason I intentionally exercise at all) is because they are so straightforward, user friendly, and don’t require a huge time commitment to have an impact. Rather than having hour-long workouts (which the rhythm of my life just doesn’t easily allow for); I incorporate three, 15 minute periods of exercise throughout the day, every day (which adds up to a more than 5 hours of intentional exercise a week!). To see how that is woven into the day, go here. Both of these apps are free, but do have paid upgrade options.

For yoga:

Down Dogallows you to customize the length of workout (I do 15 minutes at a time), the narration voice (or opt for none at all), music (or not), and style (I do one “no flow” in the afternoon, which avoids repetition and keeps it interesting for me. And one “restorative” in the evening, which stretches me out and prepares me for rest).

For simple workouts:

Sweat Deck; this app is structured like a card game. It allows you to customize things like the exercises incorporated (i.e. burpees, crunches, jumping jacks, high knees, push ups, etc), the joker card options (example: “Jog for 1 minute”) and the number of reps. It then flips cards with those directives in random order. So a card will flip instructing you (i.e. “10 stair climbers”). When you’ve completed it you hit the check mark and it flips the next card on the deck. I like that it’s unpredictable. It helps me stay engaged and the time passes faster. I also like that I can customize it to focus on specific areas by switching up what exercises are used. And it requires zero equipment so it’s easy to use at home or traveling.

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