My baby must-haves

Okay, I will be the first to say that the items you choose for your baby are and should be very personal. We all like and do things differently. And that’s great. That said, I have been asked a few times for a list of some of my favorites. And after neglecting to assemble it for quite some time… I have finally listed all of my favorites here:

CRIB: Babyletto Origami Mini Crib

What I like about it: The size of it is ideal for room sharing. And honestly, it’s as much space as a baby really needs (even one the size of a toddler!). It also folds compactly for storage if you want to hang on to it for future little ones (or guests!). As a bonus, it comes in a selection of colors (ours is Lagoon).


DIAPER BAG: Rather than using a traditional diaper bag, I use ToteSavvy inserts to convert any bag into a diaper bag. I have two (a large and small).

HIGHCHAIR: IKEA! The absolute cheapest, easiest to wash, versatile, lightweight highchair evvaaahhh. I spray painted the legs with dark gold paint to customize it. And you can get adorable covers for the insert (which I used until my little one was big enough to go without it) by Yeahbaby Goods. They also make silicone placemats cut specifically to fit the tray!

CARSEAT: Maxi Cosi. I chose this carseat because of it’s simplicity and versatility. I love that it’s all black (very forgiving) and can be made to fit into a number of different stroller frames (you buy an inexpensive attachment). We purchased an extra base so that it would be easy to transfer the seat if we needed to switch cars.

TEETHING TOYS: Moonjax (the one you may not have heard of that quickly became a favorite),  Sophie the Giraffe (the one you’ve definitely heard of that is a favorite for a reason)

WALKER: Joovy Spoon, in charcoal/white. I love the simplicity of it’s design, lack of technicolor (yay neutral baby goods!), and removable tray.



NURSING PILLOW: Sustainable Baby Moon Pillow. Step aside, Boppy. You’ve got nothing on this organic, handmade, crescent-shaped, hull filled beauty. It includes a pocket filled with lavender and there are many gorgeous removable/washable covers from which to choose.


BOTTLES: I had all of these plans to buy carefully selected glass bottles as well as another high-quality (or are they just fancy and pricey?) plastic option. Cut to me suddenly finding myself with a baby ready to wean (PRAISE!) and no bottles. I asked my husband to stop at Target on the way home and via FaceTime chose Tommy Tippee bottles. It turns out they’re perfect.


DISHES AND UTENSILS: I dedicated a post to this.





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