Why I Don’t Want to Join Your Team (regardless of what you’re selling)

I just don’t want to. Yeah. It’s really that simple. I’m just not interested. It’s not my passion. I don’t want to add anything to my life. I’m genuinely content and happy with my life just the way it is. Whichever way that you need to hear it; it’s just as simple as me not wanting to… It’s nothing personal. We can still be friends. I promise. I just have no desire to get on board. If I did, I’d contact you! You’re very vocal about what you do. And I’m an adult. When I want to get involved with something, I sign up.

In case, that wasn’t enough of a reason; there is one thing I don’t love about a common strategy I see in direct sales (“I knew it! I knew she had an issue and it wasn’t that simple!”). And that is that they thrive on making others feel like they are somehow failing on their own, could be doing better, could have so much more, etc. Just like so many business models, it’s creating profit from discontent. “Don’t you want more time with your kids?” “Who wouldn’t want more income?” “When you join it will make you consistent” “When you join it will make you stronger!” “When you join you’ll be healthier”“I see you wishing you were part of this girl.”… Um, well no you don’t. Because I don’t want anything to do with it. I think that you genuinely want to help people. I see many good hearts involved. And to be fair, not all of them use this tactic. But I think that if the base of your pitch is that everyone should be doing what you are doing and without it something is lacking… you might want to reassess. It may make you successful, but are you comfortable with that message?

And can we stop it with the “own your own business” nonsense? You don’t own your own business. You sell products for a major corporation. They pay you a commission. There’s no shame in that. Just own it. Don’t misrepresent what’s happening. It’s dishonest and preys on the vulnerable. It’s also incredibly offensive to the actual business owners out there. Like the ones who had to decide to pay their employees rather than themselves this week. Or the ones who had to fire someone after years of a working relationship. And no, they shouldn’t just ditch their business and join yours. We can’t all just sell products and work out plans to each other. The world needs all sorts of occupations.

I respect what you’ve chosen for your life and I think it’s great that you feel so strongly that your life is better because of it. But I ask that you respect my choice to opt out. Thanks, friends. All the best to you. Truly.