Fizzwizz Cleaning Tablets

Whether you breastfeed (and pump) or formula feed, you have a set of baby bottles to keep clean. And while a bottle brush and warm soapy water, dishwashers, and home sanitizing all have their place…

Being able to sufficiently wash a bottle on-the-go is important too!

These tablets have made that task much easier for me. So I’m happy to share them with you!

To use, you simply add one tablet to a few ounces of water, allow it to dissolve, screw on the nipple and shake. Then pour it out, rinse with a bit more water, and you’re all set.

It’s so simple, effective, and safe (completely plant derived, working through natural enzymes- not harsh chemicals!).

You can purchase Fizzwizz Cleaning Tablets on Amazon; 30 tablets for $8.99. And yes, they can be used for sippy cups and water bottles as well!