No Small Parts

Sometimes the “traditional roles” of our marriage are misunderstood. Not by us, mind you. Misunderstood by others. Well-meaning people have said things like, “How long will you be home with your kids? Do you think you’re going to get a job?”

I quickly remind them that I have a job. It involves 12-14 hour days, being on call every night, and no weekends off.

To be clear, I don’t see anything wrong with being a mother and having a job outside of the home. I’ve “been there, done that” too. I also know that for some it’s a choice and for others it’s strictly necessity.

Damon and I have chosen a simple division of labor. I certainly don’t see it as inequality. Nor do I think that because Damon’s work earns a paycheck, he is exempt from washing a dish or wiping a baby butt. A point that he agrees on, by the way.

I know that we both work hard every day. We deeply respect each other and the work we do. We both contribute to this family in equally important ways. Whether the world sees it that way or not.

So regardless of the work-life you stand in today; I want to encourage you. Don’t let the din of many voices drown out your true purpose. That purpose may carry you across decades or morph over time. But the tidal pull of popular opinion shouldn’t be what determines how your precious time is spent. Stand confidently in your calling, dear one. The world needs you. Every role is vital to the plot. There are no small parts.

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