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614bafc8-2d7d-45ac-8a1e-18399ff8c3d7I started hunting for a natural deodorant a few years ago after reading about the damaging toxins in most major deodorant brands. Though I, admittedly, do not use “clean” or “natural” versions of everything (we are more of a 80/20 household). When it comes to a product that I apply to my body daily, I think it is important to consider carefully. I tried every natural brand I could find (both in large chain stores and local apothecaries and markets). Sadly, they either didn’t work at all (not even a little) or my skin reacted horribly. Now, it is important to note that a small “break out” when switching to natural deodorant can be normal. Your body is simply detoxing from the chemicals it has been regularly exposed to (and often being allowed to sweat for the first time in a long time).

It should go without saying that if a product is keeping your body from doing a normal, healthy function (sweating) you probably should not be using it. So this product is not an anti-perspirant. You will still sweat. You just won’t smell bad while doing it. And the fact that our bodies need to detox from regular deodorant should be a major red flag. This brand conveniently provides detox masks for your underarms to help you through the transition. If, however, you have an extended reaction you may need to switch to the Extra Gentle formula.

I love this deodorant for three simple reasons:

-It has less than ten ingredients (all of which are completely natural and/or organic).

-It smells divine (I use the “anthro blend” scent).


You can order CoCoLavish products (they offer many other natural products aside from the natural deodorant) here.

Cost? $12. If that seems high to you- you should know that one container lasts me three months. Yep. Only $4 a month to not smell. Also, at some point we need to care enough about our health to invest in it. We cannot keep exposing ourselves to toxins and then wonder why chronic (and often terminal) illnesses are on the rise!

Have you had any issues with this brand? Well, I tried their spray deodorant (because I would love clear coverage- no more white marks, amiright?) but it didn’t work on me. We are all different. So I don’t chalk this up to the product not working, but rather it not being a good fit on me. I think you need to be willing to experiment and find a good fit (which could be said for any product)!

I decided I would take the standard underarm swipe with it’s visibility because the scent, function, and overall health benefit more than make up for it. I call that a win.

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  1. Oh! Will have to give this one a try! I’ve switched to Toms of Maine Antiperspirant that uses sustainable aluminum, but it’s still aluminum. I tried like five other brands and none worked so I will definitely try this one now 🙂


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