“All the convex, the curve, the roll, the softness… that all came after I shattered. Leaving behind everything that tied me down. Letting myself crack into pieces. Crying until every drop of the pain they placed in me had leaked out. On my knees crying out, ‘I need to start over! I don’t know who I am now. They pieced me together. I became stone and now I’ve crumbled. I’m laying on the ground in a thousand pieces.’ And then, Love came down. The pieces of stone smoothed and molded like clay. Put back into place. Softer now.”- excerpt from “Hard:Soft”, written by me.

See that striking magazine cover there? A friend of mine (who I’ve known since we were both 4 year olds with blonde bangs and wild imaginations) is one of the creators. It’s a publication filled with poetry, short essays, and art. When she asked if I would submit a piece, I was so honored to contribute.

As you can see by the title words, each issue is given a theme of sorts. For me, the Body Issue, meant writing a piece about how the most transformative time for me physically (entering motherhood) happened alongside the most transformative time for me spiritually. I recommitted my life to Truth; after allowing oppressive lies and shame to shackle me with a false identity.

What would your story say?

I truly believe the patchwork of words and pictures that tell our stories are a vital way of connecting. And that the connection they bring can be the shining light of love in a world too often divided.

Our stories are meant to be shared. If you would like to order an issue or submit your own piece for review (they are currently accepting submissions for the Place Issue) please contact: