Burlap + Barrel

img_7468“Burlap & Barrel is rethinking international spice supply chains to make them direct, transparent and traceable. We connect­ smallholder spice farmers to high-value markets, we educate consumers about the impact of product traceability on human rights, and we emphasize unique products with terroir that are grown biodynamically using traditional techniques. We work to end inequality and exploitation in food systems that disenfranchise skilled, serious artisans along the entire chain.” – as stated on their company website

I love what this company stands for as much as I love the flavor of their spices. If the contents of your spice cabinet are an afterthought or you assume that the generic offerings in your local grocery store are as good as any other; allow me to challenge that thinking.

Just as buying organic produce or responsibly sourced meat matters, the origin of your spices matters. The labor that goes in to the products that we often haphazardly sprinkle on to our food matters.

It’s time that we put aside convenience and willful ignorance and start putting value on the lives that work to provide our food. I don’t want to hear excuses about cost or availability. It’s often the difference of a few dollars for you and a livelihood for the person on the other end of that transaction. And if you’re reading this, you have access to internet, which means you have access to these products. My own purchasing habits are a work in progress. I am very open about the journey I am taking into investing our precious dollars and cents into life-giving products.

How could our world change if we all cared a little less about what was easy and a little more about the ethical value of what we purchase?

Burlap & Barrel is working hard to change the spice industry as we have come to know it. Praised by chefs, homecooks, and all caring consumers alike…they are providing delicious, high quality, single origin spices at reasonable prices and enhancing the quality of life for those working the soil.

Are you ready to change your habits and make the world a little better?

Purchase $25 or more from Burlap & Barrel and receive free shipping, when you use the code EMMY at checkout.