Noonday Giveaway


I know how easy it is to grab at every trend that flashes on our screens and screams at us on magazine pages. And I have felt the weight of giving in to a consumer culture that thrives on our impulse and revolving door of wants.

But it has become impossible to ignore the detriment this is to our society. The impact on makers around the world. The impact on our environment. The impact on our own hearts as we allow our lives to be dictated by goods made cheaply by tired hands that are not being given a fair wage. When does it end? What are you doing to stop it?

If you think it is beyond your grasp to make any difference, please remember that every dollar spent is your voice in the world. Your voice declaring where you place value. A vote that goes on to have an effect on the world long after it has left our wallet. Choose carefully. Spend wisely.

On-trend items do not have to equate to unfair labor. What we purchase can be beautiful, well made, and support life.

One such company that believes in this ethos, is Noonday. And that is why I am so excited to share this opportunity with you. They have generously offered to give a lovely piece of mixed metal and marble, handcrafted in Vietnam by an artisan who once struggled to make a living in an unpredictable rice market.

Would you like a chance to win the Geo Triangle necklace pictured above? To enter:

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That’s it! You’re entered. Want to increase your odds of winning? Here’s how you can get additional entries:

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The giveaway closes at 3:00EST, 4/2/2018. Unfortunately, we are only able to ship within the U.S. at this time.