Heart Shaped Pancakes

img_4259My Love-

This morning was hardly idyllic. Messes on floors. Trash to curb. Bills to pay. The sun had just punched the clock. Already, you and I a bit worn and weary, laughed about it being Valentine’s Day.

As you walked to the door, I fought to pull you back with my eyes. You smiled. You kissed me. You said you loved me as the door shut.

I stood flipping heart shaped pancakes and frying up eggs. And as one split in two; I realized it was the first broken heart I’d seen in a long time. Because, you see, you keep mine full and whole. Brimming with your love, it has no reason to break.

This is the romance. This is the love for a lifetime. This is you and I- hip deep in the mire- and only seeing stars. Your day is in the world and mine is left waiting. But there’s pieces of you everywhere.

You’re the sunlight pouring in the window. You’re the green sprouting in garden earth.

You’re the chime and the birdsong.

You’re the one holding me in tears. You’re the one sharing a laugh with me in the dead of night.

You’re the one in the mess. You’re the one in the glow. You’re the one.

Thank you for stepping in, holding on, and never letting go. It is both honor and adventure to love you. And I will- always and forever.