Once Upon a Farm

96a599b8-efef-4d5a-9d39-a41b1b1a0ec2We receive a monthly subscription of these pouches. And let me tell you, they are better than any that you’ll find in the store! They are organic and cold pressed (not shelf stable). So they must be refrigerated (you can take them from the house frozen or with an ice pack). Because they’ve never been heated, their nutrients have not been depleted. You can literally see and taste the difference! They have a great selection of unique and delicious combinations (I know they’re delicious because I eat them too). In fact, whether you have kids or not, you might want these in your life. Add some ice and a blender…and you have yourself a very quick and easy smoothie. They come to about $2.50 a pouch. I generally pay $1.50-$2.00 here for organic (not cold pressed) pouches at the store. And shipping is included. So I see the cost as being comparable and worth the slight per unit increase for the quality you are receiving. You can fully customize which flavors are in your order and adjust the frequency of delivery (another way of stretching cost if you like). Check them out here ! And while you’re at it- get a trial sample pack to see if you enjoy it as much as we do!

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