Everything Spray

This multi-use spray can be used as facial toner, underarm refresher, ingrown hair prevention, and to cleanse or heal inflamed skin conditions. I use it for all of those purposes. To keep it short and sweet, let’s get right down to a simple pro/con list.


Completely natural and mostly organic (check out that ingredient list), a little goes a long way (it does suggest that you use within 6 months), multiple uses in one product (=buying less products), gentle and truly nutritious (not simply masking a symptom, but instead utilizing healing properties).


Because it contains Apple Cider Vinegar, you will smell briefly like a vinaigrette… On the upside, the aroma dissipates quickly and ACV works wonders. At $18.00 for 2oz or $32.00 for 4oz; I cannot call this item inexpensive.

And yes, you could feasibly make it on your own. However, I would argue that these ingredients, especially when using the highest, organic quality, are not individually cheap. So you probably would spend a pretty penny making your own concoction as well. And personally, I consider the multi-purpose aspect and the need to only use a few sprays at any given time something that makes up for cost to an extent. I buy the 4oz bottle and it lasts me the full 6 months. Which works out to between $5-6 a month for an item that works as toner, healer, post-shave spray, and all around magic.

You can purchase this item and other great natural products here.

One thought on “Everything Spray

  1. I really like your photos, beautiful x

    It is pretty pricey though, I make my own ACV (with essential oils) toner that I’ve been using for years. I’d love to see how this compares!


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