Chore Sticks

These ever-so-simple, work-inducing, glorified popsicle sticks are easily one of the best purchases I’ve made as a parent. There I said it. Now, I realize that you could easily and quite cheaply make these on your own. But I will say, they managed to think of some chores that I’m not sure I would have. And since I am still functioning with a broken arm, I’m happy to be saved from scrawling my pathetic attempt at ambidexterity on a surface less than an inch wide (though they do include some blank sticks so you can create your own custom chore requests…which I appreciate and may use in the future).

You can create your own method for these. But this is how we go about it:

Ezra draws 3 sticks each day and completes them. Then those sticks go into a separate wooden bowl so he doesn’t draw the same tasks again the next day. When we have worked through all of them, I will put them all back in the canister and we will begin again. That’s it. It’s so simple and effective. Ezra actually looks forward to drawing his sticks for the day as it’s a bit of a game/gamble. They also include some sticks that are just for fun (“read a book”, “hug your mom or dad”, etc.) which heightens the anticipation in a blind draw. Damon was unsure of including these fun tasks after Ezra managed to draw 2 in one day… Until he saw that the next day the little chap pulled, “scrub the baseboards”. It all evens out in the wash, ey?

You can order these online through their website . They are currently $14.99;  include 42 printed sticks and 8 blank sticks. Their website also offers some free printables to use alongside, if you so desire.

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