New Year Recalibration

I don’t go for New Years Resolutions. I just can’t get behind something so thread thin. Trite promises easily broken; I feel as if we don’t commit our whole selves because we anticipate the breaking. So what’s the point?

I choose to think of recalibration rather than resolutions.

The start of a new year is an ideal window of time to realign, set your intentions for the year, and clear out all of the clutter-both mental and physical. Recalibration is more broad; covering all areas of life. But with realistic timelines (example: a month long cleanse of social media) and simple goals (example: take more walks vs. lose 20lbs). Check out the list of our intentions at the end of this post to see further examples.

If we organize this recalibration into three basic categories; it simplifies, clarifies, and allows us to customize the specifics. The three categories are: Time, Space, and Self. They break down like this:

How you spend your time. The management of priorities. Creating a work/life balance. Being a good steward with the time resource you’ve been given. Being aware of time that is being misused.

Taking stock of what you own. Being aware of everything under your roof. Purging what isn’t being used or holding special meaning. Everything should have purpose. Give yourself space to breathe.

Health of body and soul. Choosing only the best nourishment. Being active. Hydrating. Praying. Spending time in the quiet. Taking soul inventory. Forgiveness. Journaling.

Here are some practical ways that we are recalibrating as a family. We will be continuing some of these from last year (they stuck around as habit- yay!) and some are new to us:
Setting media boundaries. For us, this will look like only allowing television and tablets two days a week. This is not solely a rule for kids! This can and should apply to adults as well.
A month long social media cleanse. For us, this will be January 1- February 1.
Maintaining a Sabbath. For us, every Sunday.
Maintaining “use what we have” motto. For us, this applies to food and household items. Before buying new, we use up what we have.
Purging clothing to allow for seasonal capsule wardrobes.
Donating an item per every one new item brought into the house.
Buying bulk, no-waste groceries when possible.
Growing as many vegetables as we can.
Going on walks (swims in summer).
Prayer and prayer journaling daily.